Polyphonic Underground
Terrible Investments

What is Polyphonic Underground?

Polyphonic Underground is an informal collective of synth artists with a passion for vinyl. We came together around the idea of getting our own music released on the medium, without having to rely on a record label or any other kind of backing (or bureaucracy/red tape). This is a passion project that is completely self-funded and collaboratively produced.

What did we make?

We are proud to announce our new synth compilation record: Terrible Investments. Through a (mostly) democratic process, we have selected one track from each participating artist for a total of 10, some of which have not previously been released. The record comes with a full colour printed sleeve featuring artwork and graphic design from fellow synth artist L'Avenue. Each track has been meticulously mastered for vinyl by genre icon Dynatron. It's been pressed on black 140g vinyl and comes with a protective black polylined inner sleeve.

Record mockup

How do I get one?

We are currently shooting for a release date around springtime 2021. The records will be distributed to various locations within EU, UK and North America. To get informed about when and how 'Terrible Investments' becomes available, send us an email at this address:

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